About E3 Yoga Collective

E3 Yoga Collective


Who we are

We are a group of women with a strong vision to provide the community an opportunity to enhance your lifestyle with a variety of yoga and fitness practices, suitable for any level of experience, and at a reasonable cost. We offer Yin, Hatha, Power, Boy’s Club for men only, HOT 26+2, Warm Hatha, Vinyasa, Restorative, and Warm Flow as well as Zumba and the ever popular Inferno Hot Pilates.


Why hot?

Hot yoga is a basic practice but the addition of heat intensifies strengthening and deep cleansing of your system. The room is heated and humidified to specific degrees depending on the type of practice (Warm Hatha, HOT 26+2, Inferno Hot Pilates).


Benefits of hot

Work done in heat causes your arteries to dilate, resulting in increased blood flow, and as your body gets used to practicing in a heated environment, it learns what to do to keep itself from overheating in this unique circumstance. Resting heart rate is decreased and your body develops strong athletic stamina. Weight loss, muscle toning, and beautifully clear skin are inevitable in the 40% humidity that is always maintained.

If you are hesitant about practicing in heat, please give it a try! Over time you will reap its many benefits. If the heat isn’t for you, we also offer yoga at room temperature and mildly above.

If yoga isn’t for you, we also offer Zumba and Inferno Hot Pilates (based on Pilates principles and experienced in a warm room).

So whether you’re a total newbie to yoga and fitness or a seasoned practitioner, E3 has something for you! As part of our community you can choose from a wide variety of practices, classes, and time slots.

Come be a part of E3!



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